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Playa Safety

The Playa Safety Council grew into a stronger body in 2004. With only one year's experience working as a team, lingering differences between long-term departmental members became apparent. These discoveries resulted in a post-event weekend retreat-style meeting hosted at the Burning Man office. We used this time to delve into issues that never seemed to fit in pre-event discussions.

In planning for our 2004 event, major discussion points revolved largely around responding to community and agency concerns. We added the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) to the council and together planned how to address concerns over driving at the event. We also carefully examined family and children's needs in Black Rock City. As Labor Day neared, communication increased between the Playa Safety Council members and the law enforcement agencies that work at our event. This discussion resulted in a smoother operation on the playa. Each department's detailed reports elaborate on these efforts.

As a team, we hammered out clarified protocols and procedures for overlaps between departments, shared responsibilities and resources, and ways of interfacing with outside agencies. Our regular monthly meetings helped us progress toward creating a cohesive body working together to achieve the mutual goal of safety at our event.

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