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Print Production

Our print production cycle begins every year with the ticket for the upcoming year. For 2002's event we changed ticket vendors, and along with many new options, we were able to design our own ticket for the first time since 1997. We were pleased to present participants with a ticket that was an art keepsake as well as a sentimental one. Because we had creative control we were able to give the ticket design opportunity to a burner; and this became a recurring theme throughout 2002 print production. Another welcome bonus with our new ticket vendor was ticket security features that help us to identify fraudulent tickets.

Our next project of the season was the Thank-you card, which serves as season's greetings to our vendors and an expression of appreciation to volunteers. A designer in the community created the design, and the images used in the card were those of two long time volunteer photographers.

In late spring, anticipating production of the newsletter and the Survival Guide, the production manager from 1999-2000 rejoined the team. The newsletter designer of the last four years returned, to outdo her previous work. The newsletter, a four-color piece filled with delightful photos highlighting art from 2001, presented the 2002 theme in a central spread replete with illustrations. By general agreement this was the best newsletter yet despite one glaring typo.

The Survival Guide was revisited by the design team that worked on it in 2000 and 2001. The content got an annual update, with several new illustrations, and we improved the overall visual flow. For two years now we have included an invaluable guide from the American Civil Liberties Union. We will add more related info in 2003.

Two events in Spring 2002 placed severe constraints on production: the Burning Man office move, and a Burning Man event in New York which many staff members attended. The team rallied, to complete the newsletter and Survival Guide in record time. Just before the event, the team ramps up to create the Gate materials (the materials you receive at Greeters). Every year this project is a noteworthy challenge, and one of the most rewarding. There are ten to fifteen people, across several departments, involved in different aspects of creating the many pieces: the Map, the gate edition of the Black Rock Gazette, the Exodus document (how to leave the city), a census, a car window sticker, and the What Where When. The What Where When is a particular challenge. It originates as an online web page that is the product of a download of an unmoderated database. The designer of the What Where When 2001 returned this year, and did a beautiful job.

The project that was the most fun for all parties involved was the creation of three stickers to be given out on the playa to volunteers. Three different designers created the stunning designs. They were received with admiration and thanks.

In the coming year, we look forward to involving even more community members in the process of print production for Burning Man.

Submitted by,
Jess Bobier, aka The Nurse
Burning Man Communications Department

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