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Desktop Support

In the realm of our office facilities administration, the office move in March amounted to a great deal of work. We were involved with all sorts of dirty work on this project, climbing among the rafters in the attic, laying phone and ethernet cable throughout the entirety of our sizable new home. The timing was tight, but, miraculously, the internet connection was delivered as promised, and on the first Monday that everyone showed up to work, everything was functioning smoothly.

Since then there has been a slow and steady stream of improvements made to the office network infrastructure. First, we received the generous donation of a rack cabinet in which we housed our office servers. Then we acquired a very nice HP ProCurve switch, which replaced four other less manageable switches and greatly cut down on the spaghetti strewn about the tech room. This was followed by the addition of an office FreeBSD server providing some simple intranet services, and a high quality rack-mounted UPS to protect our server machines should power go out. Finally, we've supplemented the ADSL connection that the office staff use for their internet connection with an SDSL connection that provides much better upstream bandwidth. We're currently configuring this new connection, and soon we'll be migrating our office servers to use it.

On the desktop support front, we've watched as more office space leads to more people working in the office, which leads to more desktops needing support. We're still largely a Macintosh-based organization, and we've of course begun supporting OSX on a growing number of machines. This is often a challenge since it involves upgrading machines and traveling the user learning curve. There are a few machines still running MacOS, however, and there is also a small Windows-based subsystem that the Accounting Department relies upon. It's not a simple feat, but we're happy to be able to accomodate all of these platforms within our framework, and look very forward to continuing to grow in new ways.

Submitted by,
Rob Miller
Technology Dept Lead

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