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The Artery, the Art Team's playa headquarters located in Center Camp served several purposes. It functioned as a check-in center for both previously placed and unregistered artists and an information resource where participants could consult a large map of the art installations and gather information about each artist and the exact location of each installation. The Artery was also a drop-off point for contributions to the material culture archive.

Most of our core team members returned this year, and some brought friends and family along, which kept the Artery fully staffed. Morning and afternoon shift leaders rotated daily, and a meeting was held each day at 2 p.m. as the shifts changed. This year all Artery volunteers were cross-trained, so each person could perform every Artery function, including registration of artists and escorting them to their projects' locations. Our DPW liaison assisted artists with their equipment needs and schedules, and our theme camp liaison coordinated the treasure hunt with participating theme camps.

A building behind the Artery proved extremely useful for storing materials and holding meetings during dust storms. A constant supply of Gatorade and water helped us maintain hydration and keep spirits up. The Artery was constantly thronged with artists and other visitors, including some who simply enjoyed the lively atmosphere or wanted to learn more about the art installations.

Plans for next year include tours of the art installations by artery staff in costume, and an informal art gallery featuring drawings and plans of the art installations.

Submitted by,
LadyBee, Larry Harvey and Crimson Rose

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