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Material Culture

Once again, participants filled the Material Culture collection box in the Artery with playa collectibles daily during the event. These treasures went on to enrich our Material Culture Archive at our San Francisco offices. Contributors submitted special forms, available on our website and on site at the Artery, with each item so that we could correctly catalog it. This year brought us an increased volume of artifacts, and some new types of items appeared, including a bottle opener/pendant, a shot glass, a printed scarf, bookends, dog tags, and a bracelet filled with playa dust. The most popular new item seemed to be embroidered patches; in 2001, two were contributed, and this year we received fourteen.

A special digital archive is being constructed for the website, and soon participants will be able to upload images of their gift items directly, in a manner similar to the submission method for our Image Gallery.

Submitted by,
LadyBee, Larry Harvey and Crimson Rose

Click here to read the 2001 Material Culture report.