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Take a journey through our new office. Start at the front door and travel northward.

all photos by Crimson Rose

Front of building
Frog on her way to work
Unlike other businesses, we pride ourselves on our enrapturing foyer artwork
Going up or going down
Front door - before
Greetings from the Nurse (Jess Bobier)
Reception area - before
Bex and Joy discuss office stuff, while Action Grl retrieves a fax.
Hallway offices - before
Getting ready for a volunteer party: Marian, Danger, Harley, and Action Grl
Board room - before
Larry Harvey conquering the world, one Burning Man at a time
Zocalo looking North - before
Bliss, Marian, and Action Grl (back to camera) meet to strategize and lay groundwork for the AfterBurn Report.
Zocalo looking West - before
Looking West through the Zocalo, the communal space at the center of our office
Archives - before
LadyBee studies new art submissions.
Accounting room - before
Kathy Stahl and Tim Foster discuss the accounting budgets.
Romper room - before
DPW senior staff gets together to do some preplaya work: Tony Perez, Ada Chester, Will Roger, Flynn Mauthe.
West office - before
Crimson Rose discussing art
Aunty room - before
One of the Art rooms used for preplaya Art placement
Zocalo looking South - before
Will Roger and Bubble Gique share information.
Technology room - before
Some members of the tech team deep in thought about upcoming Extranet
Kitchen - before
Joy preparing a staff meal with Marian looking on
Ranger office - before
Danger Ranger hard at work
DPW office - before
Will Roger working on DPW stuff
Volunteer room - before
Senior Staff at one of their regular meetings, SeaDog, Danger Ranger, Action Grl, Ra, Larry, Marian, Ada, Harley, and Flynn
FishBowl - before
Frog and Bex discuss ticket procedures.

Submitted by,
Crimson Rose

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