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Accounting/Box Office


Accounting at Burning Man is a time-consuming process that spans the entire year. We are responsible for keeping the financial books and paying bills on time. We manage the Project's banking, credit card, and insurance relationships, as well as reviewing contracts, managing several vendors, and filing
reports to satisfy various federal and state agencies. The year 2002 brought major change to the accounting team with the replacement of two part-time people with two new Bean Counters who have stepped up to the job and taken their place in the broad effort to make Burning Man happen.

Box Office

The box office, located at the gate to Black Rock City, is managed by the finance department and staffed by a select crew of a couple dozen fun, smart people. It's a tight crew of nearly 100% alumni that assembles once a year on the desert. The contingent assembles from Santa Cruz, Seattle, and British Columbia on the left coast to and Virginia on the right coast, as well as Reno, Winnemucca, Salt Lake City, and other places in between. In fact, some hailed from as far away as England. This year, crew members participated in the establishment of three separate theme camps.

The operation runs 24 hours per day for 10 days, delivering over 5,000 will call tickets and selling tickets to last-minute purchasers. Continuity is important, and we hope that circumstances will allow the return of past team members who were unable to join us on the playa this year. The experience and confidence gained through involvement during the previous year training such as briefing shift leads regarding refinements to process and policies and an overview of the Burning Man Operations Manual and radio protocols. These leaders in turn oriented their shift members who arrived for duty. Radios and pagers assured that assistance was always at hand for those wacky situations that always arise. (Boredom is never a problem.)

Getting to interact with participants just as they are arriving on the playa is a unique opportunity that we truly enjoy. Being far from camp, we take care of the need for munchies with a little stash in the office, but the crew especially loves the goodies gifted to them by people picking up their tickets. We love to welcome you to the Playa—but we still recommend that you buy your ticket early, keep it safe, and we'll see you in Black Rock City 2003.

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