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Credits - AfterBurn Report 2001

AfterBurn Concept and Implementation Team:
Marian Goodell, Harley K. Dubois, Larry Harvey, Andie Kopp, Will Roger

Introduction: Larry Harvey, Harley K. DuBois, Will Roger
Q and A: Andie Kopp, Larry Harvey, others
Financial Introduction: Larry Harvey
Financial Summary: Larry Harvey, Dave Thornton, Robert Brownstein
Future Vision: Larry Harvey
Silver Seed Trip: Michael Michael

Introduction: Larry Harvey
Consensus, Authority, Heirarchy, and Power: Larry Harvey
LLC and Staff Bios: Compiled by Andie Kopp, submitted and composed by staff members

Administration and SF Office:
Introduction: Crimson Rose, Larry Harvey
Accounting/Box Office: Dave Thornton
Ticket Process: Crimson Rose, Frog Gilmore
Legal: Marian Goodell, Andie Kopp
Government Relations: Marian Goodell, Larry Harvey

Art Report: Ladybee, Crimson Rose, Larry Harvey
Special Events: Steven Ra$pa
Theme Art Letter: Larry Harvey

Business Services:
Introduction: Dana Harrison
Café: Dana Harrison
Ice: Dana Harrison
Commissary: Dana Harrison

Introduction: Marian Goodell
Documentation Team: Jess Bobier, Karie Henderson
PR/Media: Jim Graham, Andie Kopp
Print Production: Andie Kopp
Regionals: Andie Kopp, Larry Harvey
Black Rock Gazette: Vicki Olds
Website: Dave Marr, Andie Kopp

Community Services:
Introduction: Harley K. DuBois
Bike Repair: Harley K. DuBois
Burning Man Information Radio: Carmen Mauk
Bus Depot: Fred "The Owl" Whitman
Earth Guardians: Karina O'Connor
Greeters: Susan Strahan
Lamplighters: Brien Burroughs
Placement: Harley K. Dubois
Playa Info: Meghan Beachler, Rob Oliver
Recycle: David Wellhauser
Volunteers: Molly Tirpak, Harley K. DuBois

Overview: Will Roger, Larry Harvey
Setup/Cleanup: Tony "Coyote" Perez
Airport: Lissa Shoun
Business Activity: Ada Chester
Operations: Flynn Mauthe
Gerlach/Black Rock Station Experience: Matthew "Metric" Ebert
Planning Department: Rod Garrett

Overview: Duane "Big Bear" Hoover, Larry Harvey
Emergency Services/Comm: Joseph Pred
Playa Operations and Training: Ranger Bob
Gate: Jeff "Mr. Freeze" Oushani
Safety and Survival: Michael Michael, Larry Harvey

Overview: Nicole Maron
Directory Project report: Joe Cordes
System Administation: Rob Miller
Database: Joe Cordes
Extranet: Nicole Maron
Desktop Support: Nicole Maron

AfterBurn Production Team: Harley K. Dubois, Marian Goodell, Larry Harvey, Andie Kopp, Will Roger

David Talley
Kelly Saturno aka Swervegirl
Molly Ditmore aka Mollygolightly

AfterBurn Web Team:
AfterBurn Web Dominatrix: Nicole Maron
AfterBurn Pixel Pusher: Dave Laplante
HTML Markup: Haunani Pao, Dusty, Dave Marr, Tom Kapanka
AfterBurn Content Review: Carla Detchon, Andie Kopp,
Marian Goodell and the Burning Man Web Team
Link Checking and Moral Support: Jim Graham aka Ronjon
Factual assistance: Bob Stahl

AfterBurn Survey:
Marian Goodell, Nicole Maron, Tom Kapanka, Molly Tirpak, John Davidson, Haunani Pao

Goddess in Charge of All Things "AfterBurn" for Ten Arduous Weeks of Production and Implementation/ Rock Star in Residence: Andie Kopp, Actiongrl