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Burning Man Webteam

The Burning Man webteam's efforts are a year-round challenge. The website contains over 700 pages, including a number of integrated webforms and databases, an Image Gallery, archival information from Burning Mans past, a Bulletin Board System, and a hearty serving of constantly-updating content. This volunteer team has experienced tremendous growth this year, and its accomplishments in 2001 have been manifold:

  • Moved off Taz3 (, its home since 1997, and onto its own server
  • Instituted a site wide template for easy updates of major page elements.
  • Instituted a 'decentralized Webmaster' approach
  • Maintained our volunteer resources and continued to build the team
  • Completed the 'Task Matrix', an internal task maintenance tool
  • Built a web based DPW photo upload tool for automated sharing of photos
  • Archived major content from BM 1997-2000 in What Is Burning Man
  • Created some new navigational elements to the site with the addition of the 'Also See' menu
  • Created a departmental 'Wish List' on the site
  • Built up the Art of Burning Man section
  • Added feature sites such as 'Silver Seed Tour' and 'Feeding Tofu to Cowboys'...and this section, the "AfterBurn Report" and Survey!
Future plans for the webteam include building a community-site for the Burn community. The first step in this is our new "Tales from the Playa" section, comprised of participants' stories from Burning Man throughout the years. We're also looking at expanding our multimedia offerings, and setting up more community forums and facilitating participant-created content.