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Black Rock Gazette

The Black Rock Gazette is Black Rock City's daily newspaper, produced on the playa since 1992. The Gazette 2001 team is proud of their coordinated ideas and efforts, contributed April through September, which came together to produce a daily publication that documents events, activities, and issues in Black Rock City. This year, six issues were written, produced, and distributed, entirely by Burning Man volunteers.

The publishing facility (actually a theme camp) was located in Center Camp and was decorated in a "fishbowl" (we're watching you, and you're watching us!) theme. A large group of active volunteers worked each day to perform the many functions of a newspaper; city desk and distribution services, graphics and layout production, editorial and copy writing, proofreading, illustration, photography, and even theme camp maintenance. The challenge of creating a publishing office, complete with computers and printers, in an extreme and dusty environment, is one that the Black Rock Gazette team faces each year.

The future of the Black Rock Gazette for Burning Man 2002 is uncertain at this time.