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The Art Team & Artery

The Artery, the Art Team's playa headquarters located in Center Camp, functioned as a check-in center for both pre-placed and unregistered artists. It also provided an information resource where participants could consult a large map of the art installations and gather information about each artist and the exact location of the installation. The Material Culture collection box stationed there accepted donations by many participants of artifacts they had made to distribute at the event.

The Art Team swelled in 2001 to eighteen hard-working members divided into several closely coordinated groups. Their work commenced early in the year, beginning with posting of the registration form and continuing all the way to the playa and through clean up. These roles included:
  • Art Placement Coordinating Directors
  • Artery Base Team
  • Quadrant Field Operatives
  • Fire/Pyro Production Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Some accomplishments of this group include:

  • Every artwork this year was marked with GPS (global positioning station) wavepoints, which facilitated tracking of placement and cleanup.
  • Burn platform inspections were completed to make sure that absolutely no scaring would result from burning of any kind of art there.
  • Fueling needs for artists were provided by a mobile refueling station, which helped to maintain safety in handling flammable fuels.
  • Quadrant Field Operatives roamed the playa each day making sure that artists who had not checked in were placed on the playa in locations that did not interfere with other people's art.

The Art Team also broadened connections to all the other Project departments through the use of designated Liaisons:
  • Special Events-informing artists about special event opportunities
  • Media-connecting artists and providing their PR materials to the press
  • DPW-tracking heavy equipment reservations
  • Rangers-helping to facilitate perimeter control around major art work that entails fire or pyro
  • Theme Camp-involving theme camps interested in participating in the annual art theme.