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Art Placement

In 2001, the submission process led to placement of 150 works of art on the playa or in front of theme camps along the Esplanade.

Specific placement provides each artist a space that compliments their piece, and complements nearby work of other artists, or keeps a safe distance from pieces to be burned.

This year, many works not aligned with the event's theme were placed on the open playa: meditative and chill spaces, a fire waterfall, a flaming tetherball, blank easels that framed views of the city, a walking labyrinth, fire circles, clocks made out of fire, a fire sculpture garden, monoliths (after all, this was 2001), the Seven Ages of Spam, a giant lion created for an opera, wind-driven bells, Twinkie Henge (with other assorted snack food art) - to mention just a few.

You can view a summary of this diverse array of art in the 2001 Playa Art archive.

On the Playa, the volunteer Art Team manages the on-site placement of all submitted artwork from their headquarters at the Artery in Center Camp.